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This website is being offered by
Ian Robertson, Ocean Liner Historian and Activist,
in the preservation of our Maritime History
 is dedicated in loving memory to 

Roland Owen

who sailed with the White Star Line
35 Years on the Southampton to New York Run.


I invite you to take a walk along the Hudson River
 and imagine a time when Ocean Liner Row stretched from
 Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan north to 59th Street.

This area of the New York City Waterfront is where all the great Ocean Liners docked after their TransAtlantic Crossings from Europe.

These ships carried thousands of families,
 their worldly possessions packed in suitcases,
full of hopes and dreams to start a new life here
 at the great Port of New York--

Ocean Liner Row
New York Harbor
circa 1937

I hope that this precious part of our Maritime History
 can be preserved and safeguarded
 so that future generations will be able to enjoy
 these international treasures. 

Let's Get The Word Out

 Over the last 30 years, I have devoted time to collecting Ocean Liner Memorabilia, treasures which have come from the international ports of Genoa, La Havre, Cherbourg, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Rotterdam, London, Liverpool, Southampton as well as from Restaurants, Bars and Shipping Offices that once flourished
 on 12th Avenue along the Hudson River
at the
 Great Port of New York

 website represents a fraction of my Ocean Liner Steamship Collection,
memorabilia in need of a permanent home port--
preferably along the Hudson River in New York City.

Let's share with Americans and Visitors from around the World
the Magnificence of the Era of TransAtlantic Travel.

Exhibit Space Wanted
Collection In Need of a Home Port
Thank You For Your Consideration On Behalf Of
Ocean Liner Row


S.S. Normandie

Night Sailing from New York City
by Maritime Historical Artist William G. Muller

The Pride of the French Line Compagnie Generale Transatlantique.
Built Saint Nazaire, France.

Maiden Voyage 29th of May,1935.
Le Havre to New York.

Blue Riband Holder for Record Speed.

Her Novel Design and Lavish Furnishings
provided by the finest artisans France had to offer. 

On the 15th of May, 1940,
The Normandie was siezed by the U.S. Government,
during Germany's occupation of France, WWII.
She remained docked at Pier 88, New York
and was renamed as a troop ship-- 
the U.S.S. Lafayette.

On the 9th of February, 1942,
disaster struck. She caught fire, burned out and capsized.
A Total Loss.




The R.M.S Lusitania
Cunard White Star Line
Arriving at Chelsea Piers, New York City, 1907
with horse drawn carriages waiting to escort the passengers from Europe to their final destinations

Maiden Voyage RMS Queen Mary
Southampton to New York
Takes Blue Riband for the Speed Record for Trans-Atlantic Crossing

S.S. United States
United States Line
New York Harbour
July 1952
Returning Home to New York from her Maiden Voyage,
she beat the speed record and was awarded 

The Blue Riband
which she still holds today.


Below is the Ocean Liner Row Exhibit
at the NY Public Library
Bloomingdale Branch
In support of the SS United States Conservancy

See the Ocean Liner Row Exhibit thru March 2018


S.S. United States and S.S. America
United States Line

Save the SS United States
America's Flagship of State


New York Harbor 1950's

"Seaman's Meeting Place"
1920's thru 1960's
The Astor Bar in Times Square
Times Square, New York City
Crossroads to the World

************************************************************************************* THE HAPPENING PLACE IN BATTERY PARK
Part of the Heritage of New York's Historic Harbor District 

Ocean Liner Row presently has an exhibit from Ian Robertson's collection--the Great Liners of the 1900's 
for viewing during restaurant hours.


Pier 88

New York City

Ocean Liner Row is honored to have assisted
The New York Department of Economic Development
in the selection of historical content which is permanently on display
at the Mini-Park adjacent to Pier 88 and the Intrepid Museum.

The Ocean Liner Row Mini-Park at Pier 88


R.M.S Aquitania
at Pier 88
New York City Harbor
circa 1937

Port Authority Bus Terminal
42nd Street off Times Square

World Trade Center Twin Towers 1973

New York Harbor 1973
The RMS Queen Elizabeth II passing the World Trade Center Twin Towers
Eastbound for Southampton.


RMS Queen Elizabeth II
Passing the World Trade Center
Eastbound for Southampton


Boatlift 9-11-2001
"All Available Boats."
This is the United States Coast Guard.
Anyone wanting to help with the evacuation of Lower Manhattan, report to Governor's Island.

A Flotilla of Watercraft
Responding to the Rescue Call to the World Trade Center
September 11, 2001

The Statue of Liberty 9/11/2001
The Twin Towers Are Gone

Mariner's Hymn
"Eternal Father Strong To Save
Whose Arm Has Calmed The Restless Wave
Who Bids the Mighty Ocean Deep
Its Own Appointed Limits Keep
Oh Hear Us Cry To Thee
For Those In Peril On The Sea."

Merchant Marine Memorial
New York City Waterfront

Monument Depicts Four Merchant Seamen on the Bow of their Sinking Ship, Torpedoed on the North Atlantic, WWII

A Twenty-One Gun Salute to the New York City Fire Department


Also known as the High Seas under Maritime Law
Begins 12 Miles/22 Kilometers Offshore
and covers waters around the Globe of Nations

There are also territorial boundaries up to 24 miles
where some countries' border patrols/coast guards 
may be able to board any ships, suspected of illegal activity.

Once a ship is in International waters,
the ship's law is governed
by the country of registry 
and the flag it is flying under.
And, the Captain's word is law.

The United Nations Convention Treaty on the Law of the Sea states:
"Any waters deemed International waters are free to all nations to travel
but belongs to none of them."

The Ocean Terminal and The Cunarder Train Depot
Southhampton Docks
circa 1959


The Royal Pier Dance and Concert Hall
with the R.M.S. Aquitania
 in the background


Southhampton Docks
circa early 1920's
Cunard White Star Line
The Monarchs of the Atlantic
R.M.S Homeric
R.M.S. Olympic
R.M.S. Berengaria
R.M.S. Aquitania

The Cunarder Train
from Waterloo Station to the Ocean Terminal
Southampton Docks
Gibson's Puzzles
Surrey, England

R.M.S. Mauretania
at Southampton Docks
circa 1928
Ready to sail to New York
"All Aboard.
"Standby Fore and Aft." 
"Raise the last gangway and Cast Off all lines."

The Bargate
on the High Street 
in the great port of Southampton


S.S. Ocean Monarch
Furness Bermuda Line
Arriving from England on her Maiden Voyage to New York.
Summer 1951.
To begin her season on the New York to Bermuda Run.

Furness Bermuda Line
Queen of Bermuda
Westbound for Pier 98 Manhattan
S.S. Ocean Monarch
Eastbound to Hamilton, Bermuda
artist Adolph Treidler

Ocean Liner Memorabilia Bought and Sold
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Custom Designed Maritime Exhibits
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Ian Robertson
Ocean Liner Row offers a wealth of ocean liner memorabilia, passenger ship artifacts, nautical collectibles, ocean liner gifts and decor as well as boat flags, diver helmets, clocks, portholes, wheels,lanterns, ocean liner travel posters, ocean canvas art and steamship photography.

Ocean Liner Row
In the New York Tradition of Preserving Our Heritage
 for Future Generations

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